Can I make a claim for a deceased relative?

Bice Law can help you make a claim for your deceased relative in a wrongful death case. It will involve opening an estate and appointing you as the personal representative of the estate. If you have already opened an estate, … Read more

Your child’s medical bills resulting from the personal injury claim will be paid out of any settlement. The remaining proceeds will be paid into an annuity for the child through the court to be held until the child turns 18 … Read more

All settlements involving children require a court-approval hearing. You and your child may have to go to court, depending on the assigned judge. As your representing attorney, we will be with you and prepare you for the process. Share this … Read more

If you are out of work due to a work-related injury, it is very likely that you will need to separately pay your health insurance premiums if you wish for your medical insurance coverage to continue. Share this article on … Read more

You should avoid talking to the other driver’s insurance adjuster without talking to us first. We will always communicate with the insurance adjuster assigned to your bodily injury claim. Sometimes, it may be easier for you to communicate directly with … Read more

In a personal injury claim, the opposing party’s car insurance will not pay medical bills until after we have settled your case or obtained a verdict at trial. If you have health insurance, you should always provide your health insurance … Read more

If you do not have insurance, we can help you find providers who will treat you now but get paid later out of the proceeds of your case.  Share this article on Social Media! Share List

If you file a lawsuit, you will likely be deposed by a lawyer hired by the insurance company. This would normally happen at our office. We will conduct other depositions and discovery in which you may choose to be involved. … Read more

To initiate a lawsuit in a personal injury case, we will draft legal documents known as a Summons and Complaint.   After the case is filed, we need to serve these legal documents on the opposing parties in the case. This … Read more

If your personal injury case settles, you will not have to go to trial and will receive compensation for your claim according to the terms of your settlement. If the opposing party’s insurance company is unwilling to settle your claim … Read more