Can I make a claim for a deceased relative?

Bice Law can help you make a claim for your deceased relative in a wrongful death case. It will involve opening an estate and appointing you as the personal representative of the estate. If you have already opened an estate, … Read more

What is a Wrongful Death Case?

Charlotte, NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Anytime a loved one passes, the remaining family members can be expected to experience a wide range of emotions. This is especially true when a loved one passes because of the acts or carelessness of another … Read more

Important Elements of a Wrongful Death Case

Charlotte, NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Wrongful death law is applicable in tort cases where the defendant’s conduct has contributed to the death of the victim. The law compensates the surviving family members and dependents who bear economic and non-economic losses … Read more

What To Expect During Discovery

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer If your personal injury attorneys in Charlotte suggest a trial for your case, a process called discovery will soon follow. Take a look at precisely what discovery is, as well as what you have to … Read more

Depositions in Your Wrongful Death Case

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Depositions are used for many purposes. The taking of depositions is a part of the discovery process in a wrongful death case. Not only can you expect to be deposed, but witnesses, and of course, … Read more