Multi-Vehicle Crashes Can Bring Up Complex Legal Issues

Many traffic accidents involve one car that collides with another car, and identifying the at-fault driver is relatively straightforward. However, some accidents involve multiple vehicles of different types, causing injuries to many motorists. In these cases, several parties may be … Read more

Injured at a work team-building sport event?

Man Injured in Team-Building Kickball Game Entitled to Workers’ Compensation The South Carolina Supreme Court ruled in favor of providing an injured worker with workers’ compensation coverage for injuries he suffered in a company kickball game. The worker was employed … Read more

When You are Injured by a Public Employee

When You are Injured by a Public Employee Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer In a typical personal injury lawsuit, the defendant – the person or entity accused of negligently injuring another – is generally a private individual or business. But … Read more

Recovering Damages After a Chemical Spill

Recovering Damages After a Chemical Spill A train derailed recently near Allendale, South Carolina, leaking some of the hazardous chemicals it was carrying. Although the spill did not result in any homes needing to be evacuated, a local plant was … Read more