Different Parts of a Personal Injury Trial (Part 1)

Different Parts of a Personal Injury Trial (Part 1)

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There are many components to a successfully personal injury trial. This article discusses the beginning of the trial process, known as jury selection, up until your Charlotte auto accident attorney’s opportunity to present his or her case.

Jury Selection

The first part of any personal injury trial is jury selection. This process, also called voir dire, is the process through which both attorneys question prospective jurors to determine whether they are fit to serve as jurors. An experienced attorney will ask questions that will provide specific information about the juror and will reveal any prejudices that may affect the juror’s opinion about the plaintiff or the defendant.

In some cases, the judge may also examine the jurors to elicit certain key pieces of information that may ultimately affect the outcome of the case.

Opening Statements

Once the jury has been selected, the trial will begin. The jury will enter and sit in the jury box. After a few procedural formalities are accomplished, both your Charlotte auto accident lawyer and defense lawyer will give their opening statements.

The Plaintiff’s Attorney Presents His or Her Case

After the opening statements, your Charlotte auto accident lawyer will begin by examining his or her witnesses; this is called direct examination. The defense is entitled to cross-examine each witness after your attorney has finished each direct examination. After cross-examination, your attorney will have another opportunity to ask additional questions; this is known as re-direct examination of the witness.

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