Your Attorney’s Case Evaluation Checklist

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Your Attorney’s Case Evaluation Checklist

Charlotte, NC Free Consultation Lawyer

A meticulous personal injury lawyer in Charlotte will make sure to cover all bases before accepting your case or telling you if you have chance of winning.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Charlotte Will Go Over Their Case Evaluation Checklist Before Accepting Your Case

The following are just some of the questions from a case evaluation checklist that your personal injury lawyer in Charlotte must answer before he or she is able to take on your case.

  1. Will you make a good or bad impression on the jury?
  2. What are some possible theories of liability, and what are some potential problems for a specific theory?
  3. What defenses are options for the defendants?
  4. Do you have any problems with your appearance, behavior, character or background that might alienate or offend the jury?
  5. Does your case require an expert witness?
  6. Is there a referring personal injury lawyer in Charlotte involved in your case?
  7. Is it necessary to refer your case to another personal injury attorney in Charlotte who has more expertise in the area involving your case?
  8. Were you able to provide all relevant documents and authorization, such as tax returns and employment, educational, Social Security, driving, medical, workers compensation and criminal/arrest records?
  9. Is your story consistent with the investigator’s report?
  10. Are there any witnesses who saw the accident/incident and may testify?
  11. Do the witnesses’ accounts of the incident corroborate your account of the incident?
  12. Are any witnesses expected to leave the jurisdiction or become unavailable to for trial? If so, the personal injury attorney in Charlotte will consider some formal perpetuating for the witnesses’ testimonies.
  13. Are you ready to make a commitment to trial if the case proceeds to litigation?
  14. Do you have what it takes to endure the difficulties of discovery and trial?
  15. Is there a chance for a favorable outcome of your claims?
  16. What are any specific and discernible problems or obstacles to a successful recovery, if any? What are the ways to resolve them?

Attorney Justin Bice is an experienced personal injury lawyer in Charlotte who has the legal knowledge and know how to develop a winning strategy in your personal injury case.

Contact the Personal Injury Law Firm of Bice Law

The personal injury firm of Bice Law will examine your case to determine the type and amount of damages that your injury warrants, including payments for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and any permanent disability.  We’ll determine whether an out-of-court settlement or trial is the best strategy to obtain maximum benefits for you or your family. If you have suffered injury or harm because of someone else’s actions, take the first step to protect your legal rights – contact the personal injury firm of Bice Law serving both North and South Carolina. You only have a limited time after your injury to file a claim, so act quickly.  Call 877-BICE-877 today or submit an online request  to get a free consultation with a  personal injury attorneyWe serve families across both North Carolina and South Carolina.

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