Factors that Affect Case Value – Your expectations, Witnesses, Venue

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Factors that Affect Case Value – Your expectations, Witnesses, Venue

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Various factors, such as witnesses and venues, can lower or increase the settlement value of your case. A qualified personal injury attorney in Charlotte will work hard to find the best situation for settlement in your case.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Fort Mill Explains How Your Expectations Affect Case Value

If you are a kind of a client who is cooperative and show appreciation for your attorney, your personal injury attorney in Charlotte will be more motivated to negotiate a higher settlement. But even if you weren’t a difficult client with high demands, he or she will likely advise you to temper your expectations since multiple factors, such as comparative negligence and quality of possible medical testimony and supporting witnesses, can affect the settlement value at any time.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Fort Mill Discusses the Impact of Quality Potential Witnesses on Settlement

The effectiveness of lay and expert witnesses’ testimony on liability and damage can significantly affect the settlement value. For example, your case is weak if:

• Your sole witness to support liability is a relative or a friend, instead of impartial witnesses.

• The doctor involved in the case has never testified as a witness, doesn’t want to testify or makes for a poor witness.

Your evidence decides your case, and the quality of your evidence will depend on your witnesses.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Fort Mill Explains That the Settlement Value Will differ by Venue

Some states, counties and municipalities will produce low verdicts while others will produce high verdicts. According to Jury Verdict Research Inc., Pennsylvania, Vermont, South Dakota, Wyoming, New Hampshire and Maine saw less than 10 $1 million verdicts while states like like New York, California and Florida have had more than 500 verdicts that rewarded more than $1 million.

If your case is small and involves pain, suffering and emotional injuries, jurors in some states might be less persuaded by your injuries, especially if your sustained your injuries three or four years before trial. It will be important for you and your personal injury lawyer in Charlotte to consider your county or jurisdiction in evaluating settlement offers.

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