Liability for Amusement Park Injuries

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Liability for Amusement Park Injuries

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer

A 12-year-old girl suffered serious injuries recently at the State Fair in North Carolina after an amusement ride malfunctioned. The young girl was participating in a bungee jump attraction in which patrons leap from a high platform with an elastic cord attached to their legs. The cord is designed to keep the patron from striking the ground; instead, the patron “bounces” with the elastic cord. In this instance, however, the cord strapped to the girl’s feet unraveled, sending her falling to the ground below.

Injuries from amusement park rides are nothing new. Earlier this year patrons riding a roller coaster at a California amusement park were injured when the roller coaster derailed. Others have suffered serious and even fatal injuries at amusement parks. How can an injured patron recover compensation in these cases?

Basics of Premise Liability in North and South Carolina

In general, a property owner in North Carolina or South Carolina may owe certain obligations or duties to those who come onto the property. When the property owner invites individuals to come onto his or her property for some business or other purpose – such as for amusement – that property owner owes these potential guests a duty to make sure the premises and grounds are in a reasonably safe condition. If there are hazards (such as wet floors, defective rides, or other similar dangers), the property owner is to identify and correct these hazards or, at the least, warn patrons of the hazard’s existence. Other businesses or entities – such as the manufacturers of rides or any contractors hired to perform services for the park – may also be responsible for any injuries or fatal accidents their own negligence causes.

For instance, suppose an amusement park patron is injured on an amusement park ride after a safety harness fails. The amusement park owed that patron an obligation to inspect this safety equipment and, if the harness was defective, to prevent patrons from using this ride. A personal injury attorney would investigate the amusement park’s procedures and policies regarding ride inspection, whether those procedures and policies are sufficient to alert park owners that a problem exists, and whether those procedures and policies were followed on this ride on the date of the accident. If the park and its employees knew of the defective harness – or if they should have discovered the defect – and did not correct or warn of the hazard then the park could be held liable. If the harness was defective or not constructed to be used safely, that manufacturer can also be held responsible for the patron’s injuries.

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