Analytics for Trucking Companies

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Analytics for Trucking Companies

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To prevent truck accidents before they occur is the goal of a company that is using analytics. By using analytics this allows trucking companies to try to predict which drivers in a fleet might be more likely to be in an accident. Truck accidents can be especially devastating because of the size of the vehicles. Truck drivers often work extensive hours and drive long distances, subjecting them to driver fatigue more than other drivers.

The company plans to study driver behavior and learn about what causes them stress in order to determine whether they are at risk for causing an accident. Managers can then talk to and coach a driver to help ensure they are safe on the road. Although analyzing data might be able to help predict a person’s risk for an accident, truck accidents can still occur from the slightest driver error.

Taking and analyzing data can only go so far in predicting the approximate risk a driver has. Even though a driver might be considered higher risk for an accident, the trucking industry as a whole needs to change its habits and driving requirements, not just for an individual driver.

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