Why Depositions Matter

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Why Depositions Matter

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer

As a plaintiff in a personal injury case you will be required to give a deposition if the defense requests it. Your Charlotte auto accident attorney will explain why the deposition is so important and how the process works.

A deposition is a sworn statement about what happened in your case (for example, your experience of an automobile accident and any resulting injuries). One reason the deposition is important is that it is your first testimony. The deposition is conducted at a lawyer’s office where the defendant’s attorney will ask questions about your background such as work and family, as well as details of the incident and injuries. Everything you say will be typed up by a transcriptionist just like in court. In fact, the deposition is good practice for giving court testimony.

A Legal Requirement

Bear in mind that, while you are the injured party, you don’t have the choice of declining to be deposed. It is part of the legal process. Your Charlotte auto accident attorney will take you through it step by step and explain exactly what to expect. Your attorney will also decide whether it is a good strategy to depose the defendant.

During the deposition the defense attorney will be evaluating what you say and even how you say it. Would you be a great witness at trial? If the opposing counsel thinks so then the defense may be more likely to offer a settlement of your case. On the negative side, the defense may perceive that they have a strong case based on your testimony. If you make the mistake of giving a false statement, that could backfire at trial.

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