Factors Affecting When Your Case Will Go to Trial

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Factors Affecting When Your Case Will Go to Trial

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer

Your Charlotte wrongful death attorney is well aware that losing a loved one is a terrible experience. Coping with an insurance company that refuses to settle without taking the case to trial only makes matters worse. When this occurs, clients are naturally concerned about how long it will take before their case is heard. Unfortunately, this is very difficult to predict.

The Wait

Once it has been agreed that you and your Charlotte wrongful death attorney will seek a trial, you will need to exercise patience, to the degree it is possible after losing a loved one. The wait may be a long one, unfortunately; even if it isn’t, time may seem to drag by with no apparent progress in your case if you are not able to mentally adjust to waiting.

The wait may be relatively short or long, depending upon:

  • The availability of judges to hear cases in your jurisdiction
  • How many cases are waiting to be scheduled for hearing
  • The calendars of attorneys for both you and the defendant
  • Whether criminal trials are given priority in your jurisdiction
  • Matters of discovery
  • Other issues

When at last your case is scheduled, don’t be surprised if further delays occur. Such situations often arise, particularly at certain times of the year or in more populated jurisdictions.

Contact the Wrongful Death Law Firm of Bice Law

If you believe your loved one has been the victim of a wrongful death, take the first step to protect your legal rights – contact the personal injury firm of Bice Law.  We serve families across both North and South Carolina. You only have a limited time after your injury to file a claim, however, so you must act quickly.  Contact the personal injury firm of Bice Law today by calling 877-BICE-877 or submit an online request to get a free consultation with a wrongful death attorney.  Results are how we measure success – we’ve built a strong reputation both in and out of the courtroom, and we’ll put our experience and expertise to work on your behalf.


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