Larger Vehicles Can Help Prevent Injuries in Accidents

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Larger Vehicles Can Help Prevent Injuries in Accidents

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According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, if passenger safety is a major priority for you, then you should avoid small passenger sedans. Smaller vehicles are much safer than they used to be, but when it comes to serious accidents, the occupants of larger vehicles are much more likely to help prevent injuries in accidents.

The weight and bulk of the vehicle does count as much as ever, and smaller lighter cars, are still much riskier than bigger heavier vehicles.  If you’re riding in a large vehicle like a pickup truck, or a sports utility vehicle or a minivan, you’re less likely to suffer injuries in an accident.

Those injuries are much less severe when your car is involved in a head-on accident.  In such crashes, the heavy vehicle will merely push the lighter vehicle backward, increasing the risk of serious injury for the people in the smaller and lighter car.  In contrast, such impact actually helps reduce risk of injuries to people who are in the larger car. Smaller cars simply have very little space in front to absorb impact.  That means occupants have less space that can cushion their bodies from injuries during impact.  People in large cars simply have greater protection, because they absorb so much of the impact.

The verdict is clear.  Larger cars offer greater protection during an accident.  In fact, car accident lawyers will recommend that if you are looking for a first car for your teenage child, you should go with a larger car like a sports utility vehicle, because of the protection factor.

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