Concussions and Long-Term Damage

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Concussions and Long-Term Damage

Rock Hill, SC TBI Lawyer

Suffering a single concussion can bring on possible long-term structural damage to the brain and negative health effects.

In this recent study that linked concussions to long-term health consequences, the researchers used an MRI to look at how much gray and white brain matter there was in patients with a concussion. The scans revealed measurable brain atrophy.   The loss of the brain matter was found to exist a year after the patient was initially injured in the 19 patients that suffered a concussion.  Those patients were compared with another dozen patients who had not suffered a concussion.

WebMD reported that the researcher, Dr. Yvonne Lui,  who is the neuro-radiology section chief and an assistant professor of radiology at NYU Langone School of Medicine stated in a news release that the “study confirms what we have long suspected, . . . . After [concussion], there is true structural injury to the brain, even though we don’t see much on routine clinical imaging.”  According to the WebMD report Dr. Lui said this means that changes in brain structure may be the cause of long-term symptoms in patients who have suffered a concussion.

If following an injury incident where you even briefly lose consciousness or have altered senses and you find yourself with symptoms like headache, word finding problems, dizziness, memory loss, attention problems, depression or anxiety, you need to address the potential of a TBI.

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