Eight Hours Driving Doubles Accident Risk for Truck Drivers

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Eight Hours Driving Doubles Accident Risk for Truck Drivers

Rock Hill SC Large Truck / Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer

Large trucks on South Carolina roads can pose as serious threat for motorists. Truck drivers are also at risk due the size and inertia involved with a tractor-trailer moving at highway speeds.

The trucking industry is regulated at both the state and federal levels. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration generally regulates trucking equipment used in interstate commerce. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also covers equipment, but has broader authority over the number of hours a driver may work and regulates maintenance and inspections of interstate trucks.

Many of the regulations are related to highway safety. Research indicates that the risk of a driver getting into a truck accident doubles after driving for more than 8 hours. However, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration currently allows drivers to stay on the road for 11 hours of service. That rule may change in the near future. The agency agreed to reconsider the rule in a court settlement reached in 2009. The agreement requires the agency to publish a final rule by July 2011.

Truck drivers who die in a truck crash are significantly less likely to be under the influence of alcohol than drivers of passenger vehicles. Government statistics from 2008, the last year currently available, indicate that four percent of the truck drivers that died had a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or greater. That compares to a 35% fatality rate for passenger vehicle drivers.

Under federal law truck drivers are required to pass pre-employment drug tests. They are also tested after being involved in a track accident and undergo random testing under federal rules.

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