“Universal” Helmet Law

“Universal” Helmet Law

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North Carolina is among a small group states that has coined the term “universal” motorcycle helmet law. That means that all bike riders and passengers, regardless of age, must wear a helmet at all times while riding.

That comparatively stringent exaction deserves recognition and kudos, according to researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Only 20 states across the country have universal helmet laws, and the CDC cites statistics that readily show those states as generally having fewer fatalities in motorcycle accidents and increased cost savings compared to states with only “partial” helmet laws.

“These laws save lives,” says CDC lead author Rebecca Naumann in referring to all-rider-and-passenger helmet laws. Naumann and other helmet advocates further scoff at the notion held by some that helmets actually limit vision and can increase the likelihood of a motorcycle crash. Many of those persons also favor less-than-universal laws based on arguments of personal freedom.

Those ideas are simply wrong, say safety experts, who note that the evidence favoring universal helmets is solid, even overwhelming. According to the CDC, states with lesser, partial law have fatal accident rates in motorcycle crashes that are about five times higher generally than in states with universal laws.

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Source: Washington Post, “CDC: Deaths and costs to society are lower in states with toughest motorcycle helmet laws,” June 14, 2012

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