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Truck Accident Laws

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New Truck Accident Laws: Electronic On-Board Records

Truck driver fatigue is a frequent cause of accidents, due to many hours on the road. How frequent is a matter of opinion.

There are facts that are generating informed opinions thanks to the Federal Motor Safety Administration’s new Compliance Safety Accountability Program. Safety reporting is the defining feature of this program. One of my favorite aspects is the use of electronic on-board recovery. The new rule requires trucking companies who have violation rates of 10% or higher, with reference to discrepancies in time spent on the road and time recorded in their logs, to install recorders in all of their vehicles.

To really make this effective in society we would need to require electronic trucking logs in every vehicle. The problem of falsifying trucking logs has been well-known by truck accident lawyers for years. Unfortunately proof is hard to come by.

Trucking companies are now going to bring new pressure to bear on their drivers to keep accurate logs. Does this mean logs cannot be falsified? No. So this is not going to provide the truck accident lawyer any harder evidence to prove the driver fatigue case. In fact, it might just make our jobs more complicated because we all need to better understand the new electronic reports (and how they too can be altered). But while maybe not providing a boon to truck accident lawyers, this new rule might do an even better thing: prevent cases from getting to us in the first place.

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Posted on behalf of Bice Law June 13, 2012

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