Why Are Trailer Truck Accidents Different from Others?

Why Are Trailer Truck Accidents Different from Others?

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Any kind of auto accident can result in serious injury, but when your car collides with a trailer truck, the chances of escaping with minor scrapes is reduced even further. Given their massive size, weight and the difficulty in maneuvering them, trailer trucks can be described as some of the most dangerous vehicles on road. That also means accidents involving these behemoths can be quite different from other kinds of auto mishaps.

If you have been the unfortunate victim of a collision with a trailer truck in North Carolina or South Carolina, it is best to seek the help of an experienced truck accident/ personal injury attorney immediately and here are some reasons why:

  • Truck companies try to avoid paying compensation by resorting to various tactics and to deal with such a situation and get your compensation you need expert help.
  • Often, truck drivers work long hours exceeding the legal limit. A driver who has been driving without break for too many hours at a stretch is a risk to himself and others. To cover up the fact that he has been violating the law in this respect, the driver may produce fake log books. An experienced legal professional knows how to spot this kind of a cover up.
  • Many trailer truck accidents occur because drivers are not properly trained to handle the huge mass and size of the vehicle. To escape from their liability in case of an accident, the trucking company may stonewall efforts to determine the driver’s qualifications and skills. Your attorney will know exactly whom to approach and what to do to get this information.
  • Excessive loading is a major cause of trailer truck accidents and pinning the blame for this on the trucking company is a challenging task unless you have an experienced truck accident lawyer by your side.

 As a victim of an accident with a trailer truck in North Carolina or South Carolina, chances are you are already dealing with sufficient mental and physical trauma. Avoid adding to the stress of the situation by taking on the process of filing a claim against the truck company on your own. An experienced personal injury attorney who has dealt with similar auto accident cases before knows the various tricks that the company may employ to avoid paying compensation. He/ she can ensure that all these avenues are blocked so that you claim damages that are rightfully yours.

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