If the Defendant Lies about Your Case

If the Defendant Lies about Your Case

Unfortunately, minimizing, and even outright lying are common in personal injury cases. Without a personal injury attorney in your corner, you may be at a disadvantage in trying to counter misstatements about the incident. Motivation for Lying The defendant has motive for lying, and his insurer has motive to accept his lies as fact. After … Read more

Hypoxic Brain Injury

Charlotte NC Brain Injury Lawyer After being born 13 weeks early by cesarean section, the two pound two ounce baby girl was suffering from respiratory problems and transferred to a specialist unit at another hospital. Only two days old the baby was placed on a ventilator when the  endotracheal tube that was attached to the … Read more

Depositions in Your Wrongful Death Case

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Depositions are used for many purposes. The taking of depositions is a part of the discovery process in a wrongful death case. Not only can you expect to be deposed, but witnesses, and of course, the defendant will likely be called to submit to depositions as well. Your Charlotte wrongful … Read more

Fatal Tractor-Trailer Accident

Charlotte NC Large Truck/Tractor Trailer Lawyer Car accidents are horrifying experiences, large truck and tractor-trailer accidents are frequently more damaging.  Accidents involving a large truck or tractor-trailer often cause private property/infrastructure damage, serious injuries, and the loss of life On an early August afternoon a tractor-trailer rear ended a car with its hazard lights flashing. Both the … Read more

Creating Photographic Evidence for Your Auto Accident Claim

Charlotte NC Car Accident Lawyer Photographic evidence can be very compelling in a personal injury claim, particularly if the case is taken to a jury trial. Your Charlotte auto accident lawyer may ask you to take photographs of the scene of your accident, or hire an investigator to do so. The following will give you … Read more

Indicators of an Improper Claim Denial

Charlotte NC Personal Injury Lawyer The insurance company does not want to pay out on your personal injury claim if it can avoid doing so. While most insurers at least work within the limits of the law, occasionally they deny claims in ways that, upon analysis, prove to be improper. Your Charlotte personal injury lawyer … Read more

A DUI Results in Wrongful Death

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer A man and his wife, who was six months pregnant, were driving in their SUV when they were suddenly crashed into by a Volvo going nearly 100 mph. The driver of the Volvo had just left a bar with the blood alcohol level of .23, nearly three times the legal … Read more

Negotiating a Settlement in Your Medical Malpractice Case

Charlotte NC Medical Malpractice Lawyer Your Charlotte medical malpractice lawyer will need to evaluate your case before he can give you a ballpark idea of the size of settlement you may be able to receive. Medical malpractice cases do not always settle for the exorbitant amounts you hear about in the news. How Case Value … Read more