Safe Winter Weather Driving

Safe Winter Weather Driving

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer  The cold winter season doesn’t just bring down the temperature, it brings snow, rain, and ice. Drivers on the road need to be extra cautious during these times to avoid auto accidents. By being vigilant and aware of the road conditions, reducing your speed, and maintaining a safe distance when … Read more

Motorcycle Deaths/Injuries Cost Over $16 billion

Charlotte NC Motorcycle Accident Lawyer The cost from crashes involving motorcycle deaths or injuries were roughly $16 billion in 2010. This number is not including any long-term medical care that could be required in the future, which would increase this number dramatically. Motorcyclists are statistically involved in more fatal crashes than drivers of other types … Read more

How Gender Factors into Cases of Wrongful Death

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer When beginning their evaluation of your wrongful death claim, the insurer and your Charlotte wrongful death attorney will first consider your special damages, which are usually comprised of economic costs. Next, they will consider general damages, especially your pain and suffering. Laws Governing Wrongful Death Each state has its own … Read more

Red Flags With Auto Accident Cases

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer There are certain red flags that can cause an insurance claims adjuster to suspect that something might be suspect about your personal injury claim. A Charlotte auto accident attorney will be able to tell you if your case has any such suspicious aspects and what you can do about them. … Read more

Large Truck / Tractor-Trailer Accident Investigation

Charlotte NC  Large Truck / Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer It is imperative when investigating an accident to move quickly, especially with a large truck/tractor-trailer accident due to the likelihood of higher damages and greater injury. The Insurance Company Investigation Investigating the accident right away will help to hold the truck driver accountable. Most trucking companies have an … Read more

North Carolina Medical Malpractice

Charlotte NC Medical Malpractice Lawyer The North Carolina Medical Board announced that a doctor had their license  pulled on Monday following accusations of prescribing patients dangerous amounts of narcotics for over six years. The eleven page report shows that three of the doctors patients had died, all receiving extremely high doses of narcotics prescribed by … Read more

Claim Adjuster Ploys

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Some insurance claims adjusters like to use less-than-ethical ploys to try to make the process of pursing a personal injury claim frustrating and painful for you. A Charlotte personal injury attorney can help you deal with these problems. Reservation of rights The adjuster can delay making a settlement offer due … Read more

Inaccurate Diagnosis Leads to a Permanant Birth Injury

Charlotte NC Birth Injury Lawyer A 36 weeks pregnant woman rushed to the hospital with concerns of pain and heavy bleeding, which are signs of a detached placenta. As anyone would, she went to the hospital with the expectation of receiving quality care for herself and unborn child.  Unfortunately, she was told that her baby … Read more

Commonly Used Defense Strategies in Charlotte Medical Malpractice Cases

Charlotte NC Medical Malpractice Lawyer In medical malpractice cases, the doctors and hospitals accused of injuring patients through negligent care often use a few similar legal strategies. Below are some commonly used tactics that you should watch out for. They Blame You Your Charlotte medical malpractice attorney will know that many medical malpractice defenses will … Read more