When Do You Need A Rock Hill Car Accident Attorney?

When Do You Need a Rock Hill Car Accident Attorney? You’ll need an experienced Rock Hill car accident attorney immediately after the accident to look out for your best interest. After being in a car accident the insurance adjuster will … Read more

Fatigued Drivers Cause Dangerous Accidents

Everyone is aware that driving while impaired by alcohol and/or drugs is not only dangerous but also illegal. Drivers often fail to recognize, however, the danger associated with driving while fatigued. In fact, the dangers inherent to driving while drowsy are so serious that there are strict hours-of-service regulations at the state and federal level for commercial drivers. If a fatigued driver leaves you injured, consult with an experienced car accident attorney in the Carolinas.

Fatigued Driving: The Statistics

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Five Insurance Company Tactics Designed to Get You to Settle for Less

Despite what they may say in their radio and television commercials, insurance companies really are not working for you. Insurance companies, like all businesses, are first and foremost interested in profit. By paying out compensation in an accident claim, the insurance company is losing money. Consequently, insurance company adjusters will use every trick in the book to try and undervalue your claim – and to try and get you to settle for less than what your injury case is worth.

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Multi-Vehicle Crashes Can Bring Up Complex Legal Issues

Many traffic accidents involve one car that collides with another car, and identifying the at-fault driver is relatively straightforward. However, some accidents involve multiple vehicles of different types, causing injuries to many motorists. In these cases, several parties may be … Read more

Preventing Accidents for Older Drivers

Preventing Accidents for Older Drivers  Fort Mill, SC Personal Injury Attorney South Carolina has been experiencing a slight decline in the percentage of older-driver-involved highway accident fatalities. These drivers are 65 years old and above. According to the South Carolina … Read more