Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Halloween is a much-anticipated night for children across North Carolina and South Carolina, who are excited about dressing up as superheroes, princesses, witches and goblins, going trick-or-treating and attending costume parties. Parents have a responsibility to protect children by talking to them beforehand about appropriate behavior and dangers to avoid. … Read more

Handheld Device Can Detect Intracranial Bleeding

Rock Hill, SC Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer The more time it takes to diagnose a brain bleed means a longer period of time before it is treated, putting you at greater the risk of permanent brain damage. The company InfraScan Inc. has developed a portable device that uses near-infrared technology to identify patients with intracranial … Read more

Analytics for Trucking Companies

Charlotte NC Large Truck / Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer To prevent truck accidents before they occur is the goal of a company that is using analytics. By using analytics this allows trucking companies to try to predict which drivers in a fleet might be more likely to be in an accident. Truck accidents can be especially … Read more

Generator Precautions for Hurricane Season

Fort Mill, SC Personal Injury Lawyer With hurricane season upon us, here on the East coast we are bound to get hit with an abundance of strong storms. Many people have portable generators for their homes due to the possibility of power loss during this time of year. A portable generator is an inexpensive way … Read more

A Charlotte Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Evaluating Your Pain Levels

Rock Hill, SC Personal Injury Lawyer If you suffer from a pain disorder, you will have to determine whether it is mild, moderate, moderately severe, or severe. It is in your best interests to retain a Charlotte personal injury attorney who will use a checklist for pain levels to correctly classify your impairment. A Charlotte Personal Injury … Read more

North Carolina Shows Decline in Distracted Driving Accidents

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer In the past years, distracted driving has quickly became one of the leading causes of North Carolina motor vehicle collisions. This prompted legislators to enact several laws aimed at keeping drivers from engaging in distracting behavior on the roads. All motorists in North Carolina are prohibited from reading or sending … Read more

Eight Hours Driving Doubles Accident Risk for Truck Drivers

Rock Hill SC Large Truck / Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer Large trucks on South Carolina roads can pose as serious threat for motorists. Truck drivers are also at risk due the size and inertia involved with a tractor-trailer moving at highway speeds. The trucking industry is regulated at both the state and federal levels. The National … Read more