National Dog Bite Statistics

National Dog Bite Statistics

Rock Hill SC Dog Bite Lawyer In the 8-year period from 2005 to 2012, two dog breeds accounted for 73% of the attacks that resulted in death: pit bulls and rottweilers. 71% of the pit bull fatalities have occurred in the past 10 years; 42% in the past four years; 24% in the past two … Read more

South Carolina Child Safety Restraint Laws

Rock Hill SC Auto Accident Lawyer Across the country, three children under the age of 13 die each day in auto accidents, according to federal government statistics. This sobering data is even more saddening when you consider that many of the deaths could be avoided by the proper use of child safety seats. Children are at … Read more

Medical Malpractice: Part 2

Charlotte NC Medical Malpractice Lawyer Girl Dies from Incompatible Blood Type: While these cases are appalling in and of themselves, an individual would think that most doctors would ensure that these types of mistakes did not occur when children were involved. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is true. Take the case of Jesica Santillan for example. CBS … Read more

Your Attorney’s Case Evaluation Checklist

Charlotte, NC Free Consultation Lawyer A meticulous personal injury lawyer in Charlotte will make sure to cover all bases before accepting your case or telling you if you have chance of winning. Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Charlotte Will Go Over Their Case Evaluation Checklist Before Accepting Your Case The following are just some of the questions … Read more

Dangers in Slippery Winter Driving Conditions

Rock Hill SC Auto Accident Lawyer There are special precautions that must be taken during slippery driving conditions. Use the safety tips from a Rock Hill personal injury attorney to avoid traffic accidents. It is that time of the year when winter weather produces slippery driving conditions that increase the number of traffic accidents. To … Read more

The Importance of a Journal Detailing Your Pain and Suffering

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Your Charlotte personal injury law firm will assist you in preparing for your case with a journal. Your Charlotte Personal Injury Law Office Will Help You With Writing Your Journal An attorney from a Charlotte personal injury law firm will tell you that a smart method to keeping track of the pain … Read more

Journal Keeping

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer While your Charlotte injury attorney will be the most important guide to your case, the number one thing you can do to help your attorney is to keep a journal. This journal should reflect the negative impact that the injury had on your life. The following are a few tips … Read more

Types of Compensation When You’re Injured

Charlotte, NC Free Consultation Lawyer When you have experienced a personal injury, on top of your pain, you’re likely worrying about finances. Perhaps you will be out of work for a while; you may even have mounting medical bills or other expenses. But you can receive compensation. While it’s hard to put a dollar amount on … Read more

Classifications of Pain to Determine Severity of Injuries

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer A Charlotte personal injury law office can explain to a client the classes of pain when determining how injured a person is. A Charlotte Personal Injury Law Firm Will Detail Mild Pain Known as Class 1, mild pain includes the following symptoms: In strength and incidence, the pain is mild. The pain … Read more