Factors Affecting When Your Case Will Go to Trial

Factors Affecting When Your Case Will Go to Trial

Charlotte NC Wrongful Death Lawyer Your Charlotte wrongful death attorney is well aware that losing a loved one is a terrible experience. Coping with an insurance company that refuses to settle without taking the case to trial only makes matters worse. When this occurs, clients are naturally concerned about how long it will take before … Read more

Fatal Auto Accident in North Carolina

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer The North Carolina Highway Patrol responded to a call at 2:30 a.m. An SUV with two people inside had gone off the road, hitting a tree. The driver was speeding and had alcohol in her system, killing her friend. The driver is facing several charges, including felony death by motor … Read more

Tips to a Powerful Deposition

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer Your Charlotte medical malpractice attorney will help you get ready to be deposed. It sounds a little scary, but with the guidance of a legal pro you will be in good hands to give an effective sworn statement. Meanwhile, here are some helpful guidelines. Testimony Tips First and foremost, always … Read more

Preparation Is the Key for Depositions

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer The term “deposition” intimidates most people, but a Charlotte personal injury attorney could explain that a deposition is really only a witness’ testimony obtained outside of court.  Read the following tips to feel more prepared for your deposition.  Attire You should always dress conservatively and professionally. When in doubt, dress … Read more

Why Depositions Matter

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer As a plaintiff in a personal injury case you will be required to give a deposition if the defense requests it. Your Charlotte auto accident attorney will explain why the deposition is so important and how the process works. A deposition is a sworn statement about what happened in your … Read more

Premature Babies and Medical Malpractice

Charlotte NC Birth Injury Lawyer Research is now showing us how imperative it is after birth for premature babies to receive the proper supply of oxygen. Without an ample amount of oxygen to the “white matter” in the brain, the development can be damaged significantly.  In some cases the damage to the brain is so … Read more

Additional Costs Besides Attorneys’ Fees

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer The fee your Charlotte personal injury lawyer charges for his or her services is based on the time, work, effort and expertise he or she expends on your case.  Office overhead such as rent, secretarial time, files and other costs are also encompassed in the fee.  However, your case will … Read more

Assisting my Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer With My Case

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury Lawyer The most important way to assist your attorney is to provide documentation of your medical bills, as well as your expenses and the loss of income from your employment.  The following list provides other helpful ways you can assist your attorney. Promptly return all phone calls from your attorney. Read … Read more

Charlotte Auto Accident Claims One and Injures Eight

Charlotte NC Auto Accident Lawyer  While driving on the North end of Charlotte, a husband and wife slid off of a wet road in their SUV into a tree. Other vehicles crashed behind them, causing 8 people injuries and claiming one woman. One person taken to CMC had life-threatening injuries, two had potentially life-threatening injuries, … Read more